Comedian Steve Byrne Stops By to Talk About His Latest Gig

(KHNL) - Get ready to laugh. One of America's most popular young comedians is here. You' ve seen Steve Byrne on NBC's The Real Wedding Crashers, Comedy Central and all over the network and cable TV. Now Steve is in Hawaii with the "Kims of Comedy" show.

ANGELA:  Not the Kings of Comedy but the Kims of Comedy.

STEVE:  True, yes.

ANGELA:  I'm gonna have you tell me what the Kims of Comedy is all about.

S:  Kims of Comedy is a takeoff of the Kings of Comedy.  It's four Asian comedians who got together and we're all buddies.  It's Bobby Lee who's been on Mad TV and Kicking it Old School, Dr. Ken, he was in most recently, Knocked Up, Entourage, Curb Your Enthusiam, and Kevin Shea, he's been on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he's been in much of comedy festival and this Adonis, what you're seeing right here, just acknowledge it.

ANGELA:  So folks come in contact with you and they say "oh, you speak English?"

STEVE:  (pause) um...

ANGELA: (laughs) Just kidding, you speak any other languages?

STEVE:  No, not really no.  Not at all. No, but I think back in the states it's not a big deal but I guess here you deal with that more.  But I don't deal with that, no.

ANGELA:  Good deal.  So is Wedding Crashers coming back?

STEVE: I don't know, they keep saying "it's coming back, it's coming back."  We filmed six episodes and they've aired four of them so there's two left.  One of them is my favorite and it just hasn't air yet, so I don't know.

ANGELA:  I like the one where you played the preacher and your phone rings.

STEVE:  Yeah, that was really crazy because those guys, the groomsmen really wanted to beat me down.  They told me as soon as the reception was over, they go "if you want your face to look the same way, you better leave now."  And I just held the bible in front of my face.  And I hear in my earpiece "Steve, leave now, leave now" and I'm thinking "Okay, I'm going, I don't want my butt whipped".  It's pretty crazy.

ANGELA:  Well, tell me about your background.  Your mom's Korean, your dad's Irish?

STEVE:  Yes,

ANGELA:  That's the pretty hazel blue eyes you have there?

STEVE:  I'm not sure.  You told me you just got married so let's not try to get awkward,  just lean in front of the...please.

ANGELA:  (laughing)

STEVE:  Yes, Korean, Irish.  Father's Irish, my mother's  Korean .  Caucasian and Asian.

ANGELA:  Boy, that's two tempers right there.

STEVE:  Oh yeah, yeah.  Absolutely but it works out.  Hopefully, I'm Asian from the waist up.

ANGELA:  Okay.

STEVE:  And that's not saying much because I'm Irish too,  so I'm an "eenie".  Can we say that this early?

ANGELA:  (laughing) Tell me what you're doing in Hawaii?

STEVE:  What am I doing in Hawaii?

ANGELA:  Tell me where we can see you?

STEVE:  I'm getting up at crazy hours to beat the traffic at Hanama Bay to go snorkeling so my back can get sunburned.

ANGELA:  Haunama Bay.

STEVE:  Whatever.  Please, I'm from Jersey, it's Hanama Bay.  And if you're from the states, don't get lost here because boy, asking for directions , "where's Kalipekaiaiaiaiai Street?" What? I don't know.

ANGELA:  (laughing)

STEVE: We're doing a show here, the show is Saturday at the Hawaii Theater.  There's a gorgeous promo pic.  As you can see I'm the tallest, I'm in the back and the other three.  I feel like Shaq or something I feel like Yao Ming next to these three.

ANGELA:  Did you stand on a box for that?

STEVE:  I did not stand on a box for that no, no, no and Bobby hopefully, Bobby keeps his clothes on.  That's not an incentive for the women to come see the show actually but you can see all the guys.  It's just a great show.  It's a good group of guys.  We all get together and other than, what are you gonna see?  You're going to see Margaret Cho and who else out there and then there's the four of us and we all got together and say let's just tour together.

ANGELA:  Steve we look forward to seeing you and we hope Wedding Crasher comes back.

STEVE:  Try not to kiss me the next time I'm on the show, too.


STEVE:  Thank you very much, it was really uncomfortable

ANGELA: (laughing)

STEVE:  Ask me for chapstick on the lips before the... whatever , you do what you need to do.

ANGELA:  The Kims of Comedy will perform Saturday at the Hawaii Theatre. Then they'll be at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center on Sunday. The Kims include Steve, Kevin Shea, Dr. Ken and Bobby Lee.