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Man Caught With Gun in Carry-on Bag

Mike Vitali Mike Vitali
Mary Tucker Mary Tucker

HONOLULU (KHNL) - There was a bit of commotion at the Honolulu Airport Interisland Terminal Thursday.  A man is caught with a gun in his carry-on bag.

Authorities tell us the gun isn't registered, and the man did not declare it, like you're supposed to if it's packed in your check-in luggage. Guns aren't allowed in carry-ons.

"It's kinda scary," said traveler Mike Vitali. "The fact that someone's trying to smuggle a weapon on a plane, it's like what are they doing that for."

Sheriffs take 36-year old Peter Ganaban into custody.

Officials say he was catching an early morning flight to Kauai, but is stopped at the interisland checkpoint after screeners find a gun and ammo clip at the bottom of his bag.

"First of all, I'd be momentarily frightened," said traveler Mary Tucker. "Then I'd be very relieved the security was right there."

The man reportedly tells screeners it was a lighter, and wants it back immediately. They say it was a 25-caliber handgun.

Travellers say the news is disturbing, but say waiting in these long lines isn't so bad when you consider the circumstances.

"Oh I think so very definitely, it's safer," said Tucker.

"I feel fully confident in our airport security," said Vitali. "Waiting in line is no problem, just as long as they keep in mind the safety of all the passengers and all that, I feel it will be fine."

Ganaban is booked on four gun charges. He has been released, pending further investigation.

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