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July 16, 2007

The Daily Grind

Honolulu ranked 42nd out of 50 cities in volunteering according to a recently released survey. Hard to fathom...  As you can't find more genuine, helpful, and friendly people, for the most part, just about anywhere else in the country.  Of course, when you can't move on the roads that are constantly in disrepair or under repair, and when many people work six days a week to make ends meet, it is possible that a lot of people simply can't get out to officially "volunteer" more often...

Point-counterpoint is certainly part of the political process, but the lobbing of accusations over flawed policies and vetoes and such makes you wonder why more thorough communication didn't take place during the legislative session, rather than after the fact.  Showmanship?   One-upmanship?   Who knows, but again, the public is left scratching its collective head about how things get done, and don't get done.

And last but not least, 97% of us are now supposedly buckling up.  Is that because it simply makes sense, or was it due to increased police vigilance, 92-dollar fine, or the in-your-face highway billboards we now see?   No matter, traffic accident survivors and our strapped-in keiki are the winners here.  Think About It.

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