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Local Military Members Conserve Water

By Beth Hillyer

HICKAM AIR FORCE BASE (KHNL)- This brown grass is dry and brittle, dying for a gulp of refreshing water. But rain is not likely on Hickam Air Force Base. Like Waianae, it's one of the most arid spots on Oahu.

This lawn hasn't been watered because no one lives, here, these homes are being re-done.

Across the street most of the yards are green. Air Force families enjoy lush lawns.

But they are encouraged not to waste water. Hickam Water Manager Davey Styner explains the policy,

"They water every other day and try not to water more than 20 minutes in one spot. Our soil at Hickam Air Force Base is just top soil with a coral base and when we irrigate or water one spot too long it runs off."

If you think Pearl Harbor and Hickam Air Force Base have their own water supply, that's not true.

The more local military installations conserve, the more water to go around.

"We are just trying to do the right thing and conserve our water for basiclaly the whole island's use we know it is a valuable resource we want to share it with the entire island share potable water with everyone future generations included, we don't want to waste our water," concludes Styner.

Hickam water managers have plans to improve water conservation by installing efficient showers and toilets in many buildings. To keep the golf course lush, they'll likely switch from drinking water to a source of non potable water in the future.

The Marine Corps has also issued sweeping water conservation initiatives for base housing developments and common areas.

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