Beach Walk Businesses Booming

Nikki Lai
Nikki Lai
Kaleo Gagne
Kaleo Gagne

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - It's the largest development project in Waikiki.

The Waikiki Beach Walk opened seven months ago with numerous restaurants and shops.

Retailers we talked to say business is booming.

"There's been no disappointment at this location at all," said Nikki Lai, district sales manager for Welcome to the Islands.

Lewers Street has been transformed, hosting this $535 million entertainment complex.

"Actually we started off really, really well from the get go and it's only gotten better every single week and month we've gone by," said Lai.

The store opened three months ago and is already welcoming repeat customers.

"Even from the visitors who have come in once who are staying at the Embassy Suites or surrounding hotels, they've already come back, sometimes they come back 2-3 times in a week," said Lai.

And it's not just tourists, but local residents are also giving the Beach Walk a big boost.

"Within about a month, people started realizing that the whole area had opened up and it's been really awesome," said Kaleo Gagne, lead salesperson at Island Pearls, which is exceeding sales expectations. But it wasn't always that way.

"A little bit on the slower side, a lot of people didn't know it was doing construction, they still thought we were under construction," said Gagne.

But word is spreading that the Beach Walk is open for business and people are quickly discovering one of Waikiki's newest attractions.