Family of Two-Year-Old Beating Victim Outraged by Plea Deal

(KHNL) -- A two-year-old suffers head and internal injuries during a near-fatal beating on Maui last year. Now, KHNL News 8 learns about a plea agreement that will spare the defendant a life sentence.

The victim's family is outraged.

Described as bubbly and active, Shari Rodrigues went from enjoying life to fighting for her life, the victim of a savage beating.

"It breaks my heart that this had to happen," Cheryl Oelrich, victim's grandmother, said.

Her grandmother says Shari has extensive brain damage and paralysis in her right hand. Her spleen no longer functions.

"She also had a seizure early June, so she's now on anti-seizure medication," Oelrich said. "Shari has a lifetime of difficulties ahead of her."

The child's mother's boyfriend, Francisco Ramirez, was charged with attempted murder, which carries a life term. But under a deal with prosecutors, he's expected to plead guilty to the lesser charge of attempted manslaughter.

"I look at the possibility of him being out in 13 years and four months," Oelrich said. "From the victim's family point, it's appalling."

The attorney for Ramirez confirms the agreement and the 13-year sentence. She says her client attacked the little girl while under extreme mental or emotional distress.

"I think if anybody violently hurts anybody else, that they should be responsible for that," Oelrich said. "I don't see the fairness in it."

The defendant is scheduled to go before a Maui judge and change his plea Wednesday morning.