Water Conservation a Top Priority for Haleakala National Park

Dominic Cardea
Dominic Cardea

HALEAKALA NATIONAL PARK, Maui (KHNL) - Folks at Haleakala National Park are faring a bit better.

The drought threatened the park's water supply earlier in the year, but steady rain these past few months has replenished the water tanks.

This water catchment system recycles rain into potable water.  Still, the park is making water conservation a top priority.

"In general, this isn't a huge rain, something to worry about or be glad," said National Park Ranger, Dominic Cardea. "We're happy and thankful our tanks are filled, but I don't think it's a solution to Maui's water problem by any stretch of the means."

Park officials implemented a voluntary water restriction program.   They also installed low flow toilets thorughout Haleakala.  The goal is to make water conservation a habit for park visitors.

"If people come up and see what the connection is with the rainfall, what the connection is with the natural environment versus the man-made and the built environment, they'll start having more of an understanding what it is they're using," said Cardea.