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Travel Report with Brian Berusch

Brian Berusch Brian Berusch

(KHNL) - It's Travel Tuesday and our travel expert Brian Berusch takes us across the islands to see some things we may have seen before, but not quite in the usual manner.

ANGELA:  How about explaining that?

BRIAN:  Sure. No problem.  As everyone knows  by now, the Superferry is here and is gearing up to transport people from Oahu to and from Maui and Kauai. And while an alternate means of arriving on an outter island isn't anything new to most people, some of the toys you can now bring with you is. And this can make traveling to Kauai and Maui a whole new ballgame.

ANGELA:  What do you mean by that?

BRIAN:  Let's say you live on Oahu and you love to kayak. You've been on Maui a dozen times and you always thought "I wish I had my own kayak".  Instead of spending all this money to rent one that isn t even half as good as your own, plus the time constrants and hassles of a rental not to mention the cost. Now, you can skip the kayak rental and the car rental and pack your car and outrigger on top and you put it on the superferry. Three hours across the channel, a quick 40 minute drive from the terminus and you could be kayaking in La Peruse Bay on the south end of Maui, which is one of my favorite spots, with all your own gear.  Plus the lunch you made at home that morning waiting in your cooler in the car.

ANGELA:  Okay, I'm thinking now.  The wheels are turning.  Bicycle maybe?   Can you take your bicycle?

BRIAN: Definitely, definitely.  I think it's almost like another great trip I do when I go to Kauai.  You can feasibly, picture this, put your bike on the Superferry, skip the car, get to Kauai, hop on your bike, have a backpack with you and make your way up to the south west coast of Kauai.  And depending on your skill level, make your way up to Waimea, you can camp up there or stay at a condo and do some biking all over Kauai for the weekend.

ANGELA:  Motorcyles?

BRIAN: Man, I'm not a motorcycle guy.  My brother was when he lived here and I see these gangs kind of riding around and I picture these guys pulling into the Superferry and popping to a new island and they're on this new island, new highway, new restaurant to go to, that's a great culture here on the islands.

ANGELA:  Okay now, I'm thinking about my husband.  He loves to surf, die-hard surfer.  He can take his surfboard?

BRIAN:  Surfboard is huge. From what I understand, it really depends on the size of your car and what you stack up.  As long as you put everything inside your car, you're okay.  The number of times I've been on, let's say Kauai and a friend of a friend gives you someone's number and you borrow a long board, you got to be grateful and that's really great.  But a number of times I was out at Pinetrees or in Hanalei and I'm sitting there thinking "Man if I only have my stand up paddle board or my fun board or this or that." Now you load up the car with three or four boards, you hop over, you got your car, you got your cooler, you got your boards, you can't beat it.

ANGELA:  I like it.  Okay, so here's my question or my tip.  So if I think the Superferry might be a little pricey, how about I send husband on the Superferry with the car and the surfboard and my daughter and I will go on the flight for cheap.

BRIAN:  It's a great idea and it's the buzz I've heard people talking about quite a bit because it's going to take a little longer, it's going to take three hours so you stay home, do some shopping, do your thing and let your  husband go a few hours early.

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