Humane Society Sends Warning

Alicia Maluafiti
Alicia Maluafiti

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A warning for dog owners.

The Hawaiian Humane Society is alerting people about a fake letter that's circulating.

The letter is being sent to people who chain up their dogs.

It warns that if they don't stop doing it, the Hawaii Dog Foundation and Humane Society can take away their pet.

Both groups say that's not true.

It is legal in Hawaii to chain your dog, but it's not encouraged.

"I think we believe that chaining is not in the best interest of the dog, it poses a risk to the community, dogs are very social animals, we believe they're a part of our lives," said Alicia Maluafiti, community relations director.

She says if you chain your dog, make sure it can move freely and exercises everyday.

Give your pet enough food, shelter and water.

Coincidentally in the next month, the Humane Society will begin a public campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of chaining.