Boy Fighting to Recover

Coach Blane Yoshida
Coach Blane Yoshida

WAIMANALO (KHNL) - The accident brought the boy's boxing dreams to a sudden halt. He suffered massive head and leg injuries. And that's why it's so amazing to see him throwing punches with other young boxers.

12 year-old Jason Keahu-Ledward was a rising star in the east oahu boxing club, Ledward remembers his first win,

"I won an amateur fight, my first one."

Coach Blane Yoshida explains "Up until the time of his accident he was about the best in his class and his weight group."

But an accident at this Waimanalo bus stop back in January changed everything. Yoshida recalls the news, "Someone came into the gym and said Jason's been in an accident at the bus stop waiting to come to practice and a truck hit the bus stop ."

Just like in the ring, at his bedside his coach encouraged him to fight, "He had his leg up in a cast, abrasions all over his body he had bandages around his head, " details Yoshida.

Ledward admits while in the hospital, "I was thinking am I gonna be alright? Could I go back boxing?"

Yoshida admits, "If you looked at him that day I didn't think he'd walk again."

Doctor's credit Jason's amazing physical shape for helping him recover so quickly, other's say he's simply a fighter.

Yoshida predicts, "He can go on and get a scholarship but it's all up to him if he continues and works hard."

Ledward says he has what it takes, "I would enjoy winning to make my parents proud."