Flamingo Restaurant in Windward Oahu Closing Its Doors

Pat Eves, customer
Pat Eves, customer
Rachel Eaves, customer
Rachel Eaves, customer
Freida Kami, customer
Freida Kami, customer

(KHNL) - Ask anyone in Windward Oahu about the best place to get a slice of double crusted banana pie or a hot steaming bowl of ox-tail soup and many will say Flamingo Restaurant.

"We love the food and the friendly service!" says loyal customer Pat Neves, "It's like an island staple."

On Wednesday, however, the restaurant served up some bad news to its 57 employees.

"Our lease expired last month and we were unable to renew it," says Flamingo manager Sandy Chong.

The Windward Oahu restaurant will shut it's doors for good at the close of business on July 22nd.

The news of the closure is hard to digest for many long-time patrons.

"They've been around here for years!", says Neves, "We're going to miss them. We come here all the time."

"Oh yeah, it's sad, it's sad," says Rachel Eaves, "because the old timers that are here are always, always friendly."

"We have to find some place else and it won't be as good," says Freida Kami.

There is good news for those looking to get their favorite "Flamingo" favorites. The Kapiolani and Pearl City restaurants will remain open.

Closing the Windward location will be tough, but Chong says, they're planning to go out with a bang.

"We will be decorating the restaurant with streamers, balloons and a big banner to thank all of our customers for their business all of these years and our hard-working employees," Chong says.

Their famous Flamingo cake, a light butter chiffon, will also be on sale during their last week in business.