Health Warning in Palolo Valley

Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller

PALOLO VALLEY (KHNL) -- A warning from health officials Friday night to stay out of Palolo Stream on Oahu. This comes after an investigation into a sewage leak a week ago.

This Palolo Valley neighborhood is usually quiet, but the health department said a house on Palolo Avenue is causing a ruckus.

No one was home when we knocked, but neighbors are plenty concerned.

"I'm amazed because we live right here," said Joseph Miller, who lives next door. "It could get to the kids because they play over here, too."

The cause of this neighborhood controversy is a leaking sewage pipe. Raw sewage ended up just down the street in Palolo Stream, prompting these warning signs.

Health officials said possible side effects include gastrointestinal illnesses and infections from open wounds. So until the area's deemed safe, they are warning residents to stay away.

"I'm scared because I don't want to catch nothing," said Miller.

... and also surprised.

"I run down that road every day, across that canal, that drainage canal," said Miles Manliguis, who lives across the street. "I've never noticed anything else either."

Health officials notified the owners of the house, who have until Monday to fix the problem.

"But it surprises me that one house would be the cause of all this pilikia," said Manliguis.

"They should have fixed it before it even hit the water," said Miller. "That's all I can say."

Health inspectors will be back out on Monday, to test for bacterial levels, and to make sure the sewage leak no longer is a threat.