Broken Elevator In Waikiki High-Rise is a Downer for Residents

Daphne McCallum
Daphne McCallum
July 13, 2007 10:52 AM

(KHNL) - It's a Waikiki high-rise where tempers are on the rise.

The Canal House Condo sits along the ala wai and some residents there say they're stuck sitting in their homes.

The condo's board of directors met Thursday to update residents on an elevator that's left them angry and frustrated.
The board explained why its taken so long to get the elevator fixed. Residents who attended the meeting say they were told lack of help is the problem.
The elevator hasn't been working properly since March and with 25 floors, tenants say it's been frustrating. Especially for those living on the top floor like Daphne Mccallum, "It's been very unreliable, we haven't been sure if we'll get up or get down. Sometimes we haven't gone out because we weren't prepared to walk and we couldn't get up the lift up."
The elevator only works from the inside, but not out.
A temporary solition: residents must call for elevator service and an attendant inside manually takes them to their floor.
Hawaii Vertical Transportation was supposed to fix the elevator, But the resident manager at Canal House says the crew quit.