Maryknoll Gym On Hold

Camille Michel
Camille Michel

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It's one of the larger, private schools on Oahu.

But Maryknoll School has never had its own gym and plans to build one, have been placed on the back burner after neighbors complained.

"Once a year we have the Punahou Carnival, that's a madhouse, but if they're going to use this 7 days a week, it'll be crazy," said Timothy Wong, resident.

The school plans to build a $12 million facility on the corner of Alexander and Dole streets that would include a gym, parking and office space. Right now, students go off-campus for sporting events.

"It's a place where they can call home. We have basketball games, homecoming games at somebody else's campus and not too much of a homecoming for our alumni," said Camille Michel, communications coordinator.

But neighbors believe it will add to the congestion. Some also say there's not enough parking for the crowds the complex would attract. They've appealed a city permit to build this facility.

School officials say they're trying to work with everyone on this issue. They've waited 80 years for their own gym and they hope they don't have to wait much longer.

"It would be a place to really helps us build more school pride than we already have and just a place where we can celebrate our school family together," said Michel.

The city will hold a public hearing on this, July 27.