Elevator Lets Waikiki Residents Down

Sanchia Roberts
Sanchia Roberts
Dan Coyle
Dan Coyle

(KHNL) - They are used by thousands everyday, and many never give them a second thought.

But when they break down, those who rely on elevators to get to work or to home, find out just how important they are.

There are plenty of high rises in Waikiki, but when the only remaining elevator broke in one building nearly a week ago, it is now anger and frustration running high in that high rise.

Waiting for an elevator is now a nightmare for residents of the Canal House.

"For the past 7 days I've spent 2-3 hours in this lobby waiting to get into my unit. My food melted on Friday, while I waited here for hours, I couldn't get it in in a timely manner." says Sanchia Roberts, who lives on the 17th floor.

There is a problem because their elevator isn't working properly.

"The elevator can be operated on the inside but not on the outside." says Canal House Board Member, Dan Coyle.

So in order to get to any of the 25 floors residents have to call.

And an attendant inside manually controls the elevator.

But he can't be here all the time.

"When they call at night and there's not a mechanic up there, they have to walk up to their floors." says Greg Villner, the Canal House Resident Manager.

What residents say adds to their frustration is their other elevator hasn't been working since March. The same elevator company was supposed to refurbish it, and that was only supposed to take 6 weeks.

But Villner adds, "Their crew quit."

Now residents are left waiting, for the elevator and for answers from the repair company, Hawaii Vertical Transportation. And the longer they wait, the more residents worry.

"I'm very concerned there are a lot of elderly residents who don't have ability to walk up 20 flights of stairs and if something happens to them, how are they going to get down?"

"Its really taking a big toll on us emotionally, physically and mentally." adds Roberts.

Hawaii Vertical Transportation is also leaving us waiting for an explanation to the problems at the Canal House, calls to their office and owner's cell phone, have not been returned.