COPY-Former U.H. Standout Looks Forward to NFL Training Camp

(KHNL)- We're in the middle of the summer season, and for some, that's a time to kick back and relax.

But for ex-Warrior football star, Tala Esera, the summer is a pressure cooker.

He was not taken in the recent NFL draft and now, as a free agent signee, the odds are stacked against him as he takes his game to the next level.

With his first NFL training camp now just days away, Esera says he is ready to rock.

He says, "You know its been fun at UH but its over now, so just working on what's up now."

Esera's got a tough climb ahead, all free agents do.

But at least, the offensive lineman won't be going it alone.

Ex-Warrior mates, Samson Satele and Reagan Mauia are also with the Dolphins, and already the trio's making an impression in South Beach.

"Lots of people were calling us the Polynesian wrecking crew down in Florida and you know they all recognize us, the people down there are real cool. It helps us with the home sickness, even though I miss my family down here its still real good."

To start over as a pro, Tala's had to make some changes.

Most notably, he's kicked aside his trademark dreads.

And what about the Haka?

Last year as a Warrior, Esera was front and center as the pre-game ritual became a fan favorite.

"We haven't showed them yet so we're planning on showing them and give them a taste of the Haka. We have no plans on doing the Haka in Miami but we'll see what happens."