Windward Oahu Also Suffering From Hot, Dry Summer

John Morgan
John Morgan

KUALOA RANCH (KHNL) - Drought watch continues with the impact on Windward Oahu, where even the rainiest parts of our islands aren't as lush and green as usual

Kualoa Ranch is dry this summer, and ranchers only expect it to get worse.

The clouds hovering above the Koolaus just tease the ranchers. They're dark, but don't bring any rain.

"When I went home last night, I was hoping for some good rain, but there was barely enough to keep the dust down for most of the day," said John Morgan, general manager of the ranch.

Ranchers here keep track of rainfall with three rain gauges. They've all been pretty dry the past three months, with a little more than four inches of total rain. This area got more than six inches of rain during the same three months last year.

"We could always use more rain," said Morgan. "Especially this time of year, when it gets dry."

The mountains aren't as green and lush. Same goes for the pastures, which means the horses and cattle don't have plentiful food.

"But the cattle, they need the grass to eat, so it's a tough time for all ranchers when there's a drought going on," said Morgan.

And Kualoa ranchers aren't expecting it to get better anytime soon.

"We expect it to get worse cause August is drier than July usually, and September is pretty dry as well," said Morgan.

All they can do, is wait it out, and hope for some help from above.

Ranchers say they'd like to get about five inches of rain per month, or about 60-inches a year.

So far this year, they've only gotten 19-inches.