Youth Camp Now in Session

Justin Ching
Justin Ching
Dailyn Yokomizo
Dailyn Yokomizo

(KHNL) - The brand new UH athletic schedule is still about six weeks away.

But like they say, there really is no off-season.

And for the Volleyball Warriors, that holds true.

The Warriors, conducting youth camps this week, with the guys in green looking ahead to a new season, and looking back to when they were campers themselves.

For UH volleyball players, Justin Ching and Ernest Vidinha.

This week's youth camp is like a trip down memory lane, because at one point they were UH campers themselves.

"I came to this camp a few times." said Vidinha. "And the last time I came I was a senior in high school and I had a lot of fun here."

Ching added, "They have lots of energy and its just great to see they have as much energy as we used to when we were kids."

And the campers, they are learning.

Among other things that volleyball looks easier when you're watching on TV.

"Serving over hand is very hard. But it's fun, challenging."

The goal for the campers, is to pick up a few pointers.

And when the week is done, to walk away as better players than when they walked in.

"Learning all the hand movements."

And the campers, not the only ones learning.

The Warriors themselves are gaining a new appreciation for what head coach Mike Wilton goes through.

"I do. It takes a lot of time and it's a lot of planning to do. You just have to be patient with everyone. It's actually fun. You get to give back to the kids and how your coaches tell you."

The camp runs through this Thursday from one to five in the afternoon, with a 2nd session scheduled from July 17 to the 20th.