The Longest Days

Everyone once in a while, you come across something that seems too good to be true, too simple to be a reality.  Thus, I was a bit skeptical when I read a Newsweek magazine article about the amazing invention--the lifestraw--a portable water filter made in Denmark with help from an Atlanta company.

This amazing three-dollar device will allow instant access to life-sustaining, safe drinking water to the one-billion plus people who do not have that privilege today.  Each durable straw can last for about a year, and uses mesh filters and iodine to block or neutralize bacteria which is omni-present in the fresh water systems of many impoverished nations.  Imagine that, 6,000 currently die daily from water-borne diseases, and this device can quickly cut that problem by a huge chunk.

Next up, devise a way to make this system useful as a complete household filter.  The company behind this has already saved thousands of lives with its mosquito-repelling bed nets. Phenomenal, innovative, life-changing products.  It sure makes you think that fixing some of our problems, which really are manini in comparison--like bad roads, traffic congestion, and poor school infra-structures--can be fixed in our lifetimes.  Think About It.