Website Helps Local Musician

(KHNL) - A North Oahu singer is attracting fans from across the world.

But chances are, you've never even heard of him.

His name is Jake Kongaika and his bandname is Cubworld.

As part of his senior project, he put together his own album. Now, it's turning into a dream come true, thanks to some help online.

"I found this website called," he said.

It's a website that showcases the musical talents of up and comers.

"The concept behind this site is you put your music up, people listen to you, they find potential in you, and they want to support you to make an album," said Kongaika.

He posted his music on Sellaband. The goal is to receive $50,000 from supporters. He became only the second artist to do that. So Sellaband officials hooked him up with music moguls, who helped him record his first, professional album.

"In the back of my mind I always wanted to do music, just for it to come from the back of my mind to reality, it's just been a dream come true," he said.

Only 5,000 copies of his album are available right now. But he's looking for local distributors.

If you'd like to hear more of his music, click on the Sellaband link.