How Massage Keeps you Healthy and Relaxed

Jennifer Greneaux
Jennifer Greneaux

(KHNL) - It does your body so much good.  Keeping you healthy, keeping you calm, keeping you relaxed...massage.  Mary Simms joins us with more on this.

MARY:  It truly is relaxing and I'm here at the Ho'onani Salon and Day Spa in Kapahulu and we're going to be demonstrating some wonderful techniques from massage and talking about all the wonderful health benefits that go along with it.  I'm joined by Jennifer Greneaux, who is the manager here at the salon.  Jennifer, what type of people come in here to get massages, how popular are they?

JENNIFER:  They're really, really popular and all types of people come in.  We have people that surf, that run a lot to people who just want to relax and get some stress out.

MARY:  And I know there are a lot of health benefits that go along with this.  People think of it as a luxury or just something that's relaxing but it's also been proven to have many health benefits?

JENNIFER:  Absolutely, not only does it relief stress but it also gets the blood flowing. It's known to reduce cholesterol, reduce certain high levels of toxins in your body so it's also great if you have lower back pains or any kind of aches and pains.

MARY:  And we're watching Wendy give Randy a massage now, what type of massage is she demonstrating for us?

JENNIFER:  Right now, she's doing a Swedish Relaxation Massage.  She's using more shorter strokes and kneading.  We also do a Lomi Lomi Hot Stones Aromatherapy and other types of massage here as well.

MARY:  What are some of the most popular types of massage that you guys offer?

JENNIFER:   I would say the most popular is probably the Deep Tissue Sports Massage, we do get a lot of athletes in here, surfers that have lower back pains or pain in their shoulders and neck area, and of course Lomi Lomi is really, really popular.  It's a Hawaiian style of massage, they use a lot of forearms and elbows and longer flowing strokes and of course the hot stones.  That one is a really good treat, it melts your muscles, so it's a nice relaxing massage.

MARY:  And it's really interesting, some people started a stereotype that massage is only for a certain type of people or a luxury but as you're telling me before it really is for all walks of life.  Different people come in and enjoy massage therapy.

JENNIFER: Absolutely, and it's something that people do on a regular basis and can reduce levels of stress and other aches and pains that people have and people are now finding out it's an alternative to medicines and a non-traditional form of relief.

MARY: Thank you very much, I can't wait to come back and find out some things that people can do at home to really enhance and get the benefits of massage.