TGIF Ex-Employees Threaten to File Fraud Charges

Jacob Whitley
Jacob Whitley

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It's been one month and still no paycheck.

Former TGI Friday's employees have had enough, and now they are on the verge of slapping the company with criminal charges.

The workers say if they don't get paid by Monday, they'll file fraud charges.

Their battle started 2 weeks ago with a protest in front of both TGI Fridays restaraunts on Oahu. By then, their final paychecks were already 2 weeks overdue. Recently, former workers say there has been some payback, but with a catch.

"A few people have gotten their paychecks but all of them were handwritten and at least one that I saw was written in pencil, and I know a few people had trouble cashing the ones they have gotten and everybody so far looks like they're a little short on some hours than others, like not getting the full hours they actually worked," says Former Fridays waiter, Jacob Whitley.

The paycheck battle started last month when the Waikiki TGI Fridays and the one on Ward Avenue suddenly shut down.

Both restaurants are franchises.

Joe Khoury of Westco Restaurant Group of Hawai'i owns them.

He has not answered KHNL'S calls.