Friends Remember Bicyclist Killed in Hit and Run Accident

Correena Medeiros was homeless and her fellow campers call her death a tragedy.

They also seek justice for the 22 year-old driver involved in this hit and run.

Campers along the Waianae Coast remember the victim like a sister.

Kevin Ramos says he can't believe the lady with so much aloha is gone, "She had a sisterly name, "Tita" just honestly speaking."

Medeiros died early Saturday morning after she was hit by an S-U-V as she rode her bike. Ramos adds, "The tragedy is just losing a life, accidents do happen."

Another homeless camper Steve Hedenberg reflects, "She always brought a glow wherever she went, she brought a glow. Never seen her mad, never seen her sad. It's a great loss."

Friends find the accident disturbing according to Hedenberg, "Especially the way she went, got stuck under that truck. It's not right for her to go like that I mean."

Police arrested 22 year-old Victor Goodson who faces charges of negligent homicide, driving under the influence and failure to render aid.

The deadly accident prompts a plea for drivers to be more careful, "Things need to slow down around here," concludes Ramos.

Hedenberg whispers, "It's not right for a person as beautiful as her to end up leaving us that way."

Medeiros was 39 year-old. Her family did not want to release a photo and memorial services are pending.