Residents Clean up Infamous Neighborhood

Pua Lane in Kalihi is known for crime. But one resident says enough is enough, and wants to change its bad reputation.

Fetu Kolio has lived in the area a long time. He considers himself a hard working individual, who just wants to make a difference for the place he calls home.

The large piles of junk heads to the dump, where it's supposed to go, instead of on the side of the road. It's the first step in cleaning this infamous neighborhood.

"It really proved that people care," said Kolio.

The litter-free sidewalks of Pua Lane, and its surrounding streets, is the result of a community clean up, spear-headed by Kolio.

"I felt that nobody care," said Kolio. "Where I live on Pua Lane, you would have activities, nightly, daily, from disturbance to drinking to fights."

Many people, including Kolio's own family, thought he was crazy.

"They tell me things like, 'why you wanna do that for, can't you know that's just how it is,'" said Kolio.

"He is the person that lives in the community, he cares about the community, and we need more people like that," said Iwalani Sato, from the city's Department of Environmental Services, storm water branch.

But his hard work all pays off, for a day at least. The challenge now is keeping the momentum. The city says the community has its full support -- as long as they keep it up.

"It's not an I statement -- it's a we," said Kolio. "We, as a community, need to get involved, and say enough is enough, we want our streets back."

Kolio has another clean up scheduled. It's set for October 6th, and the community is invited to help.