Waahila Brush Fire Contained

Capt. Terry Seelig
Capt. Terry Seelig

(KHNL) - It's been a long and difficult battle for firefighters.

The flames on Waahila Ridge came dangerously close to the University of Hawaii.

The fire is contained now, but firefighters are still mopping up some hot spots on Waahila Ridge - a battle that has now taken nearly 24 hours to fight.

Stubborn flames made for a rough battle by air and by ground.

"It's steep, the grounds uneven," said Captain Terry Seelig of the Honolulu Fire Department. "The brush is fairly high and all those are challenges to move through and to drag hose line through is difficult."

So difficult, paramedics had to take one firefighter to the hospital for heat-related stress.

An overnight brush fire sparked the new flare-up at noon on Waahila Ridge.

Flames came dangerously close to the University of Hawaii, which prompted evacuations at a faculty housing building.

"Fortunately there aren't too many faculty members living in the units at this time because it's the summer vacation but those who are here were asked to leave," said University of Hawaii spokesperson Gregg Takayama.

It took firefighters nearly three hours to fight flames.

By 2:45, they contained the fire. The university allowed faculty members back into their homes. But with hot spots still smoldering, firefighters say the battle isn't over just yet.

Even if firefighters extinguish all hot spots Friday night, with the dry brush firefighters say nearby resident should have an evacuation plan just in case.