Firefighters Douse Hot Spots on Waahila Ridge Fire

By Stephen Florino

HONOLULU (KHNL) - With Air One dropping buckets of water from above and dozens of firefighters on the ground below. A brush fire is contained without doing any significant damage.

"Some of the burned out area might have had a rekindle and spread to the Waahila side of where the fire was last night. The blaze scorches about 30 acres on the hillside. Firefighters doused the flames and get the upperhand but it's not easy" says Captain Fire Seelig.

"It's steep, the grounds uneven. The brush is fairly high and all those are challenges to move through and to drag hose line through is difficult" says Seelig.

And hot. So hot paramedics had to rush one firefighter to the hospital for heat-related stress.

"The temperature combined with the protective equipment that the firefighters are wearing you get hot working in it and it's a hot day" says Seelig.

But it's a successful one.