Parents of Boy Injured at Airport Express Gratitude to Helpful Strangers

Kanani Kama
Kanani Kama
Samson Kama
Samson Kama

NANAKULI (KHNL) -- A little boy whose arm got trapped in a baggage carousel at the Honolulu International Airport Thursday is doing much better. His parents are expressing their gratitude to the strangers who rushed to his aid.

Stylon Kama is all smiles, as he hangs out with his family at Nanakuli Beach Park. His bandaged hand is the only evidence of his ordeal.

"Last night was kind of painful for him," Samson Kama, injured boy's father, said. "But today was a little better."

Tears were streaming down his face Thursday. The seven-year-old stuck his arm up the bottom end of a baggage carousel, pinning his hand between the conveyor belt and a roller.

"Saw him still stuck to the carousel," Samson Kama said. "And there was people helping him, out of the blue, bystanders."

Samson and Kanani Kama were driving to the airport to pick up their kids, who were returning from a 13-day vacation with relatives.

"He had head injuries when he was two. He fell from the second story," Kanani Kama, injured boy's mother, said about a previous emergency. "When I heard that he was stuck in the conveyor belt, that feelings all came back."

Before firefighters got there, witnesses -- including traveler Athena Orlando and baggage handler Pio Pauulu -- dismantled the machine and freed the boy.

"Grateful that actually, you know, had people that could actually help," Kanani Kama said through tears.

Stylon has a fractured finger and a lot of swelling. Emotionally, his parents say he's distraught because, with one hand, he can't play with his Play Station Portable.

"He said he had something to say," Kanani Kama said about her son. "So on the way down the street, in fact, he was still practicing."

"Thank you very much for helping me," Stylon said flawlessly.

His parents say doctors are still trying to determine the extent of the damage to his hand.