South Korea's President Visits Hawaii To Honor Fallen Soldiers

David Cho
David Cho
Sus Shinagawa
Sus Shinagawa

PUNCHBOWL (KHNL) - Honored, revered, and remembered, more than 50 years later.

"A lot of my buddies died overseas in Korea so I have to show my respect for them," says Korean War Veteran, Army Sgt. Young.

The President of the Republic of Korea, Moo-Hyun Roh, visited the National Memorial Cemetary of the Pacific, paying tribute to fallen soldiers of the Korean War.

"This cemetary is very important for Korean people. They sacrificed for Korean people Korean country," says Korean War Veteran David Cho.

Honorary guests included South Korea's First Lady, Governor Linda Lingle, and Korean War Veterans, some who were held prisoners of war for almost three years.

"I got captured over there, and I was a prisoner for 34 months. It was pretty bad because I was wounded on the 6th on my arm and leg and it didn't heal for 34 months," says Korean P.O.W. Sus Shinagawa.

For some veterans, the ceremony is an important diplomatic symbol of ties between the United States and South Korea.

"We are very very dedicated to the american principle," says Army Sgt. Nick Nishimoto, also a P.O.W.

For others, the event is a dedication to those who died, in hopes their ultimate sacrifice is never forgotten.

President Roh stopped by Hawaii Thursday after attending a meeting in Guatemala City.

He was trying to sway the International Olympic Committee into letting Korea host the 2014 Winter Olympics.

But a couple days ago, the committee announced - Korea lost the bid to Russia by just four votes.

President Roh leaves Hawaii on Friday.