Soccer Mom Supports Son One-Hundred Ten Percent

Kelsey Gaefjens
Kelsey Gaefjens

HONOLULU (KHNL)- Over the past few years, Hawaii has been well represented - on the junior level - in the sport of baseball.

A handful of local squads have made some noise in national events.

And now, there's local soccer team trying to pull some of the spotlight there way.

They're called the Hawaii Rush soccer team.

And for one of the Rush players, just being part of the squad, has been a victory in itself.

If Kelsey Gaefjens looks like a natural on the field, its because he's got soccer in his blood.

His grandfather was a member of the 1950 U.S. World Cup team, and now its Kelsey's turn to carry on the family name.

"I just think about doing my best no matter what happens on the field," says Kelsey. "Just do it to help my team out and everybody supporting me, just play my best.

But success sometimes comes with a price tag.

Living in a single parent household on Kauai, Kelsey says his mother Sharon, has gone beyond the call, to allow him to live out his athletic dreams.

'Having to fly up every weekend to go to oahu and play, she's been really supportive of that, she's letting me go up and practice and play with the club, its been a big help."

According to his coach, Brad Vik, "(Kelsey's mother) has made a lot of sacrifices and he's got a lot of goals set for himself. He wants to be college bound, he wants to take his game to as high as he can. He's just got a great future ahead of him."

I've been thinking about college soccer and then the major leagues afterwards so I've been really putting myself into this.

And so far its been a summer to remember.

A couple of weeks ago, Kelsey and the rest of his Hawaii Rush teammates captured the U.S. Club Regional Tournament in California, earning a berth in the U.S. Club National Tournament coming up in a couple of weeks in North Carolina.

"That's pretty big, because I heard we're only the 2nd team from Hawaii to go up to nationals and the first team who went up won, so its kind of pressure on us."

The U.S. Club National Soccer Cup finals are set for July 21st in Greensboro, North Carolina.