Scary Moments as Boy Gets Caught in Moving Baggage Carousel

Athena Orlando
Athena Orlando

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Tense moments at the Honolulu International Airport Thursday, as a child gets caught in a baggage carousel.

The terrifying incident happened in the Hawaiian Airlines baggage claim area just after noon. Before emergency crews could get there, travelers and workers in the terminal jumped into action.

With tears streaming down his face, a little boy is wheeled out of the Honolulu International Airport's inter-island terminal. State transportation officials say the seven-year-old has a possible fractured arm, after sticking it up the bottom end of a baggage carousel.

"I could feel that his fingertips were between the roller and the conveyor belt," Athena Orlando, witness, said. "His mom, even his mom said, you know, he must have like laid down and put his hand up there to see what was going on."

Orlando was waiting for her luggage, when she heard the child screaming. She and other witnesses rushed over to help.

"We were trying to figure out something to get his fingers greasy," Orlando said. "A couple of ladies donated their lotions to try to get, one lady threw her water to us."

Baggage handler Pio Pauulu joins the effort to free the boy.

"I trying to feel where his hands was, see if it was easy for pull out," he said. "But it was pretty much stuck underneath like one roller."

"Then one of the guys that was standing by, he had tools and said, okay, let's take this thing apart and get this kid out," Orlando said. "One of the nuts wouldn't come off all the way, so we just basically bent the thing off. And after that, we were able to get him out."

Firefighters say the child is already out by the time they arrive. Paramedics take him to the hospital in stable condition.

His parents are grateful.

"When they were coming out, they realized who I was and they were thanking me," Orlando said. "And I'm just like I'm just doing what I would hope anyone would do for my three (children)."

Airport officials say there are signs posted telling people to not play around with the carousels.