7/7/07; Busy Day For Wedding Business

Naoko Takenaka
Naoko Takenaka

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - Triple sevens means hitting the jackpot in Las Vegas to many people. But this Saturday, it'll mean walking down the aisle for hundreds of couples in Hawaii.

The Department of Health estimates it's handing out about a hundred more marriage licenses this week, compared to the same time last year. All because of Saturday, which is 7/7/07 -- a truly lucky number.

For Jeff Mullally and Naoko Takenaka, this weekend is the most exciting time in their lives. They're getting married.

"Easy to remember, funny," said Takenaka, a 7/7/07 bride. "And it fell onto a Saturday, so i thought it'd be a lucky number."

They are lucky.

7/7/07 is a popular date for weddings. And they planned theirs in less than seven months.

"I really wanted to do it on 8/8/08, but obviously, nay wanted to push it to 7/7/07," said Mullally, a 7/7/07 groom.

Couples normally plan weddings about a year in advance.

"Typical dates usually, but for 7/7/07, people were looking for that date two years in advance," said Kelly Sugano, wedding coordinator at A Perfect Day.

Sugano says they've gotten five times the inquiries for that date than they normally do.

The Spinning Web florist is doing six weddings on Saturday -- twice their usual amount.

"You're doing it for people under very special day, so you can't beat that," said David Sampiano. "The reward is just much better."

A special day for two people in love. A day both will remember forever. On a date, he better not forget.

"I don't have to yell at him, or engrave the date on the ring," said Takenaka.

Wedding businesses say they're expecting two busy dates next year -- June 6th, or 6/7/8, and August 8th, or 8/8/8, which is supposed to be lucky in the chinese culture.