Governor Wants Special Session

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Gov. Linda Lingle is requesting a special session on July 10.

She's hoping to fix flaws in a bunch of bills, including the pedestrian safety bill.

She sent Senate President Colleen Hanabusa and House Speaker Calvin Say, a formal letter urging for the special session.

"What it does do is it seems to flag specific bills that she wants to talk about," said Sen. Hanabusa.

Gov. Lingle says the pedestrian safety bill can be corrected by amending it to the Legislature's original version. Supporters of the bill are looking for immediate action.

"We're talking about a life or death kind of situation, public safety and this is a no-frills funding to make it safer for pedestrians statewide," said Barbara Kim Stanton, AARP Hawaii Director.

Under this bill, $3 million would be used for pedestrian safety improvements. The governor is asking that the money come from general funds. But lawmakers who support the bill disagree, saying it should come from special funds. If Gov. Lingle vetoes SB 1191, supporters wants legislators to override it.

"We think that we can't wait another year, we can't wait another day," said Stanton.