Traffic Management Tool

Mayor Mufi Hannemann
Mayor Mufi Hannemann

HONOLULU (KHNL) - You've probably been stuck in slow moving traffic caused by construction projects throughout the island.

Now there's a new tool that will help drivers avoid traffic congestion.

The city introduces "Drive Akamai", a web and phone-based program that will help drivers get through major construction in the downtown Honolulu area.

The tool provides daily reports on lane closures and hours of work.

"It's all a very proactive effort for us to get the word out that as we do these numerous road repairs, public facilities improvements, infrastructure improvements, work that has to be done, we want to minimize traffic congestion," said Mayor Hannemann.

Mayor Hannemann says if Drive Akamai goes well, it will be expanded to other parts of Oahu.  For traffic advisory over the phone,  you can call the hotline at 768-3777.