Local War Veteran Makes A Big Statement on Independence Day

Bob Moderow
Bob Moderow
Linda Moderow
Linda Moderow

HAWAII KAI (KHNL) - Like many folks, he flies an American flag on his front lawn, but this is no ordinary flag.

It flies proudly this Fourth of July, waving in the wind in Hawaii Kai. This flag measures 15 feet by 25 feet. It's atop a 45-foot pole. It belongs to Bob Moderow, a Vietnam War veteran.

For him, it's much more than patriotism; it's about remembering those who never came home.

"I had to do something for my buddies, that obviously didn't come back," said the 62-year-old veteran. "So every morning when I get up, I put the flag up."

He's made it a daily ritual for 38 years, ever since he came back from Vietnam.

"This flag is almost as long as our house," said his wife Linda. "To take it in and out, it's a job."

Moderow does it, to remember his buddies, and to remind people about what the flag stands for.

"You just got to enjoy the freedoms that we have every day, because there's so many people that want them," he said. "Peace needs protection, and if you don't protect the peace, you're going to lose it."

As the war in Iraq continues, this Vietnam vet has a message for the men and women serving overseas.

"You guys are the current peacekeepers of the world," he said, "and the United States, whether we're appreciated or not, we have our jobs as peacekeepers."

Remembering the high price of freedom on Independence Day.

Moderow flies the oversized flag on the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, and September 11. He flies a normal sized flag the rest of the year.