Independence Day Marred by Ewa Murder

Josephine Dumlao
Josephine Dumlao

EWA (KHNL) -- On this 4th of July, tragedy strikes a Leeward Oahu neighborhood. Residents, awakened by yelling, find a stabbing victim outside.

Now, the man is dead and his attacker is on the run.

Independence Day in what residents describe as a peaceful neighborhood is rocked by a gory scene.

"I have chicken skin now," Josephine Dumlao, witness, said. "No, it shouldn't be like this."

Dumlao rushes to the aid of a stabbing victim right outside her Ewa home.

"He's screaming for help and he's bleeding all over," she said. "That wound was so big over here, just like when you slaughter a pig. It's coming open like that, and it's here and then the chest."

Neighbors say they don't recognize the man. Dumlao keeps pressure on the wounds and talks to the victim until paramedics arrive.

"Where did he live like that, just for him to talk," she said. "Yeah, but he's in pain."

Investigators believe he may have been attacked at Apartment F.

"We're not really clear on exactly what happened here," Lt. Bill Kato, Honolulu Police Department, said. "We need to hold the scene and come back into the apartment with a search warrant."

Police say a man is seen running into a nearby parking area.

"We hear the screech of the car, the fast, screech like that," Dumlao said.

She later learns the victim died at the hospital.

"I was sad," she said. "I hope that whoever did this one, you know, especially this is a quiet neighborhood."

Investigators say the possible suspect left in a white car. If you have any information about this case, call police.