Families Say Seeing Fireworks Worth Camping Out at Ala Moana Beach Park

Matt Adams
Matt Adams

HONOLULU - (KHNL) - It is July fourth. And that means one thing for many families, fireworks.

And the biggest show in the state is the one at Ala Moana Beach Park.

The park full but if you look around, everyone is enjoying themselves.

"It's been good. Not hot. Not rainy," said beachgoer Joanna Le.

Part of the reason,  police are patrolling the area, making sure no one gets into trouble.

"I see them walking around, or driving their little scooters. So yeah, no trouble," said beachgoer Lani Mallory.

"We're trying to promote this as a safe venue and a safe event to come out. We want people to come out to Ala Moana Park and enjoy themselves today, and we really wanna create a safe atmosphere for them," said Sgt. Bill Axt.

Police say one challenge is the fact that many of these people camped out overnight to reserve their spot for the big fireworks show. But everyone says it's been relatively quiet.

"Everybody was real friendly. We made friends over there, our next door neighbors, and what not. You know, just having a good time," said beachgoer Matt Adams.

Police estimate the crowd so far to be a lot smaller than anticipated.

"Middle of the week. People had to work last night and they have to work tomorrow," said Sgt. Axt.

Also, many may have decided to enjoy the fourth at home, leaving the fireworks show for die-hard fans only.

So is all this going to be worth it at 8:30?

"I hope so," said Mallory. "I'm gonna be tired by then so, I won't care by then.

"We're looking forward to it. It's a big crowd," said Le.

"I hope so. I hope it's worth it. I'm sure it will be," said Adams.

Police say they have issued about 50 citations so far.  Ten of them were for drinking in public, but the rest are for parking violations.