Thousands Prepare for Fourth of July Activities

Jamie Rodrigues
Jamie Rodrigues
John Santiago
John Santiago

ALA MOANA (KHNL) - Thousands of campers have lined a popular O'ahu beach park. And, they plan to stay until Wednesday night.

Sunset is a time when Ala Moana Beach Park normally quiets down.

But activity is heating up here, as families and friends gather.

Thouands have set up tents and chairs to watch the fireworks this July fourth holiday.

"We love fireworks, and its a tradition to spend time together and we just kick it here on the beach." says Waianae resident, Jamie Rodrigues.

Not far away, the Santiago family is prepared for two night at the beach.

A big part of that is making sure everyone is feed, and at the grill John is sharing some special moments with his son Arron.

"My son is going away to college so this is his last 4th of July at Magic Island" says John Santiago, of Kapolei.

While thousands are gathered for the food , fun and fireworks, for John, this Independence Day holiday has a very special meaning. One son is already serving in the Air Force, and Aaron will be headed to the Naval Academy.

"For me, the American flag means a lot , my sons get to defend the flag and I'm proud to be an American and have all the freedoms Americans have."