Hawaii Superferry Exceeds Company Expectations

Terry O'Halloran
Terry O'Halloran

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It's big, luxurious, and even exceeded expectations. That's what officials at Hawaii Superferry are saying as they prepare to begin offering inter-island service.

The passenger area is similar to an airplane, but officials say if you break it down, there really is no comparison.

The cushy chairs, the big screen tv's, and the spectacular views. Hawaii Superferry says its Alakai is everything they expected, and more.

"Id seen a few pictures, but it's nothing like walking on board and seeing the quality that is been put here, and the travel experience this is gonna be," said Terry O'Halloran, director of business development for Hawaii Superferry.

Everything is state of the art. From the top, in the computerized bridge, where the crew can monitor every aspect of the ship, to the bottom, in the massive loading area that can hold nearly 300 cars and trucks. In the middle is the passenger area, where up to 860 people ride.

But there's two big differences -- there are no seatbelts, because officials want you to get up, move around, and enjoy the view; and there is no assigned seating.

"If you're a family, and you wanna have a table, sit around, talk story, we've got places where we've got tables," said O'Halloran. "We've got café seating where couples can sit."

Hawaii Superferry says the only similarity to the airlines, is taking you between Oahu, Maui, and Kauai. But they want to make sure that is different.

"Everyone is so excited to see the ship, but we're even more excited to get this into service," said O'Halloran. "so the residents and businesses of Hawaii can actually utilize and enjoy this travel."

The Alakai is set to launch service in August. Reservations are being taken for September, and officials say it has been steady and brisk.

You can either call, or go on-line.

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