Hauula Residents Prevent Future Flooding

Steven Daugherty
Steven Daugherty

HAUULA- (KHNL) Hauula residents have been agressive and outspoken about an issue plaguing their community - and now, they're getting results.

This sand build up is one of the things these residents are so upset about. Ideally, there should be enough space to walk under this bridge. But, with less that a few feet of free space, the blockage could lead to flooding.

"It just takes forever it seems for someone to come and help us out, and we've had times like January 7th, if i can show you, where the flood water comes all the way up to the house," said Hauula resident Verna Ulli.

"We know that this problem basically exists on this entire side of the island with more than 400 streams and ther'es only a nine person crew to deal with all of it - its just not enough, said Steven Daugherty, Hauula resident.

Today, these residents see action, but this bridge isn't the only culprit.

"This stream needs to be better maintained, that's the state's kuliana," said Sen. Clayton Hee.

Because Sacred Falls is closed, the Senator says its not maintained, and that's a big part of the problem.

"The stream would be different because these trees wouldn't be here, because the state would cut them back, so the river would keep flowing," said Hee.

These residents have been victims of flooding before, and they want to see changes before its too late.

"Right now they're forced to be reactive and we're hoping to get proactive and put it out before it ever starts," said Daugherty.

These residents believe flooding issues could be addressed with proper maintenance, and hope to see more of this, in the future.

Senator Clayton Hee says he plans to introduce legislation for funding and plans that will address many of the residents concerns.