Vatican Vehicle Venture

The Vatican has weighed in on the issue of road rage and a few other sins of driving with its "dirvers' 10 commandments."  Along with the normal bit about not killing and respecting others, the Pope and his pundits discussed forgiveness and some other common sense, practical applications of road sanity for all.

Well, here are a few extra ones that might be applicable to our very special local drivers: thou shall not signal left, and then veer into the right lane before turning . . .  thou shall actually use one's blinker before turning  . .  thou shall not drive 15 mph under the speed limit on the freeway . . .  thou shall not merge and then check for cars already in that lane . . .  thou shall not play with crack seed with one hand and the omni-present cell phone with the other hand . . .  passengers shall not hang their right foot out the passenger window--yuck . . .  thou shall really stop at those big red stop signs . . .  thou shall not floor it upon seeing a yellow light . . .  and finally, thou shall turn the bass down below supersonic jet volume.

Okay, you get the message.  I don't mean to sound sanctimonious or pious here, but we could all use a little righteous reality check when we eget on the road with our blessed fellow drivers.  Stay safe and drive happy.  Think About It.