Meals On Wheels Gets Big Donation

Remy Rueda
Remy Rueda

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Donations keep rolling in for the meals on wheels program. Last week a telethon netted 12-thousand dollars, and today, more help came "in the way" of a 25-thousand dollar check.

When the news went out that the Lanakila Meals Wheels was on it's last wheel. Central Pacific Bank hopped in the driver seat.

"We reacted very quickly in mobilizing to make sure this great non-profit could continue providing for the community," said Central Pacific Bank Clint Arnoldus.

As the only meal provider to 727 homebound seniors on Oahu, the money couldn't have come at a better time.

"Central Pacific Bank's 25-thousand dollar donation is going to help 15 seniors stay in their own homes for as long as possible," said Remy Rueda of Lanakila.

After the presentation of the check, Mayor Mufi Hanneman delivered a delicious hot meal to 92-year old Lillian Tomitagawa in Makiki.

"All the meals are very good I enjoy everything," said Lillian Tomitagawa.

The meals come daily but it's not everyday she gets a visit from the mayor and the president of a bank."

"I'm so happy I'm happy to have plenty of people here," said Lillian Tomitagawa.

The meals are hearty and nothing goes to waste.

"I share with my neighbors sometimes," said Lillian Tomitagawa.

One meal was delivered; with more than 200 more recipients need their hot meals.

"I hope the community will come forward too, and help us so no senior goes hungry."

Meals On Wheels says the average income for seniors is less than 1-thousand dollars a month. With 269 seniors on the waiting list, it's vital to keep the program running.

Lanakila Meals On Wheels will continue to hold fund raisers including a golf tournament in August.