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Honolulu Airport Increases 'Vigilance' Amid Heightened Alert Status

Randy Mohr Randy Mohr

By Leland Kim

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Another terrorist attack in Britain over the weekend, almost two years after the London bombings. It has a ripple effect half way around the world in Hawaii. Honolulu International Airport is at heightened alert, but air travelers don't seem to be too concerned.

"Absolutely no concerns," said Randy Mohr, a visitor from Chicago. "I think the security measures they put in place in Glasgow stopped the problem. It kept it from happening. You see the same thing. They're ready for it here as well."

The Transportation Safety Administration -- or TSA -- said it will increase its vigilance and visibility.

That means more TSA personnel are patrolling the airport. And with the Fourth of July weekend fast approaching, expect long lines.

Air travelers say it may actually be safer to fly right after a terrorist attack.

"More safe because everybody is more concerned or watching more carefully," said Mark Harrington, a visitor from Chicago. "I think they'll do a better job of searching bags and things."

"I flew out of Boston five days after 9/11 and it was probably the safest and most secure I've been in," added Karen Walsh, a Hawaii Kai resident.

Many folks at the airports said terrorist threats will not change how they live.

"When your time comes, your time comes," said Mohr. "That's reality and I don't think you should let it affect your travel plans at all."

Look for more K-9 units and law enforcement officers patrolling the airport the remainder of this week. And again, air travelers are encouraged to budget more time to get through security clearance because of the heightened alert.

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