Wife of Pro Wrestling Star Remembered

Lars Anderson
Lars Anderson

Honolulu (KHNL) - The world of Professional Wrestling is loaded with larger than life characters and bone crunching maneuvers, a world Nancy Benoit seemed to be out of place.

"She didn't look at all like the old school of girl wrestlers or people that was managing at the time," said retired wrestler Lars Anderson. "So she was one of the first of the new breed of wrestling managers."

Anderson met Nancy during the mid-1980's, when she and her then-husband Kevin Sullivan made frequent stops to wrestle in hawaii.

Nancy, better known by her ring name as the Fallen Angel, wasn't afraid to mix it up.

"She was a total professional," Anderson said, "She got into her act and she definitely got the crowd up, she got into it."

But in a profession where reality can sometimes get blurred, the events surrounding last week's tragedy in Fayetteville, Georgia, in which Nancy's husband Chris, is suspected of the murder of her and their 7-year old son, has left were many asking why.

"Well I was in shock," Anderson said. "It was a shocking thing to have happen. I mean the way this went down, over a weekend three people get killed so its hard to comprehend how somebody can snap this far."