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Magoos in Moiliili closes

Chris Leben Chris Leben
Katrina Rodriguez Katrina Rodriguez
Kerry Moran Kerry Moran
Gil Ikehara Gil Ikehara

By Roger Mari

(KHNL) - It's been one of Oahu's favorite watering holes for decades.

But Magoos on University Avenue is serving up its last pizzas and beers. 

From a single store in Waikiki back in the late 1960's, Magoos grew into an island institution. At one point there were 26 locations.

Now its closure has many long-time patrons wondering how they're going to get by.

"I drink I drank, my breath stank, I think what I thank, I'm not sure but I do know, without Magoos I don't know where to go," said patron Chris Leben.

They came for the pizza, the beer and the good company only a place like Magoos could offer.

"You people of different ages over here, different personalities, so even if you don't know anyone here, you can just chill," said patron Katrina Rodriguez.

Over the years some new relationships blossomed at Magoos, tonight people had a chance to reflect on the good times spent here and talk about the past.

"My fondest memory here, celebrating my divorce," said patron Gil Ikehara.

People will still be able to enjoy the great tasting food from Magoos Pizza wagons but replacing the atmosphere will be difficult.

"There's no bar in Hawaii like Magoos, where when you walk in, you're welcome, you're family, you're part of the island, you're part of Hawaii, when this goes, Hawaii will just be another state," said patron Kerry Moran.

College students in particular will miss the prices, Magoos was know for it's 5-dollar pitchers and 99-cent mugs.

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