Crowds Line Up For Apple's iPhone

Ken Ahlo
Ken Ahlo
Leonard Rogers
Leonard Rogers

(KHNL) - All the hype Apple built up in the last six months over its iPhone rang throughout the Ala Moana Shopping Center during the gadget's very first release to the public Friday.

People braved long lines in front of the Apple store, waiting up to 13 hours just to be among the first in Hawai'i to buy the iPhone.

Some want it for themselves.

"As soon as I get it I'm going to open it and play with it," says Ken Ahlo, the 10th person in line.

Others want to make a profit.

"I looked up on eBay last night, it's going for over $1000," says Leonard Rogers, the 6th person in line.

Why the frenzy? The iPhone is a wireless internet browser, a cell phone, and an iPod, all in one.

"If you're going to splurge, splurge on something that's basically going to be a portable computer that you can put in your pocket," says Edward Paul, the very first person in line.

And splurge they did.

A four gigabyte iPhone has a price tag of $500, while an 8 gigabyte costs nearly $600.

Whether or not the iPhone lives up to Apple's hype is now up to customers to make the call.

The iPhone mania was so intense, some people actually called in sick for work just to get in line.

Friday night, employees at Ala Moana's Apple store said they didn't sell out, and that they had enough to last through Saturday morning.

The store remained open until midnight to accommodate crowds.