Organizers Prepare for Bayfest

KANEOHE (KHNL) - It takes an army to pull off Bayfest, one of the biggest events of the summer.

For days, crews have worked non-stop to set the stage for the annual party by the bay.

"We set up static displays for the weapons vehicles folks come in and see what we do day-to-day basis," said Master Sgt. Scott Ferguson.

Turning a helicopter landing area into Bayfest is an exercise in logistics

"We have 32 tents set up various locations all around the area," said event organizer George Kelsey.

Crews set up 14 rides along the midway.

"You name it typical carnival fare, cotton candy, candy apples, hamburger, hot dog, pizza."

Entertainers including Alan Jackson will perform

"After the main band we have fireworks all three nights. Everyone is welcome to stay around after that have fest tent activities, DJ dancing."

"To invite everybody to come here because this event is not only for the military but the complete community," said event organizer Alex Popov.

"This is a community event we contact community sponsors ask them if they want to volunteer this year over 850 volunteers that have signed up to work for 3-day Bayfest event," said Janelle Kanuha Marshall, event organizer.

"You are in a safe environment you can send the children off to go ride rides you can have quality time alone with your wife if you like everything like romantic rides around coconut island on the boat out there it's a fantastic event."