Trash Bash

Should we really pay to ship our trash somewhere else?  Should we become more self-sufficient and find better ways to deal with our growing trash and dwindling landfill problems?  Can we afford the price to ship the junk elsewhere, and can we guarantee enough trash to make it worthwhile for a business to take our refuge?

Shipping garbage overseas would help to keep the Waimanalo Gulch from filling up too fast, and certainly the neighbors on the Leeward side are not too thrilled about more garbage there.  Sure, it would be great if everyone recycled more, but reality dictates that this is a solution to a growing problem that deserves a full consideration by city officials.  Believe it or not, there are cities which like making money by handling hazardous waste or regular garbage, and remember, one man's garbage is truly another man's treasure, or something like that.

Shipping 10-15% of our annual waste to the continent is a possible solution to a problem that keeps getting recycled annually with no answers.  And the dump keeps getting more stuff dumped into it, which is why it was built in the first place.  Let's see how the economics and logistical aspects of this plan play out, and then maybe we can decide definitively on garbage in or garbage out.  Think About It.