Mini Hummers Used in Hospital to Cure Children's Nerve Before Surgery

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Surgery can be nerve wracking especially for young kids.

A hospital on Oahu has found a way to cure their anxiety and it's not a drug.  It's not a pill, it's not an injection. It's a mini hummer.

Patients got to test drive the battery operated cars for the first time Thursday. Staff transformed the pediatric floor into a race track for them.

From here on out, kids who are admitted to Kapiolani Medical Center can drive themselves to their hospital room top surgery or to recovery.  The whole point of this is to fuel their spirits and put brakes on any stress they are suffering during their medical treatment.

"It makes me forget that I am doing one of the treatments and the chemo," said Kassian Neal, a bone cancer patient.

Neal's grandfather Phillip Neal said "You see all the childrens' face light up, I know that other boy that rode with him, he did not like this hospital when he first came he looks real good now."

This is all part of hummers program called Creative Kids.  A spokesperson says, Hawaii is only the second state to join this program.

Pluegger Auto Group, a local hummer dealership donated the little hummers.  The president of Pflueger Auto Group says they're priceless.