Human Remains Found at Leeward Beach Park

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Honolulu police are investigating the discovery of human remains Thursday at Hau Bush park in Ewa Beach.

A fisherman first found some bones a couple of weeks ago but didn't think they were human. All that changed when he uncovered a skull.

The discovery of a shallow grave in a sand dune at this Ewa Beach fishing spot has a lot of people puzzled.

Dwayne Laping found the bones, "Just fishing one afternoon two weeks ago, was clearing sand under my truck and I came upon bones. I thought they were pig bones."

Just to be safe he showed them to a fish and game warden.

"He said looks like two pig bones to him so that was it, " says Laping.

Until the latest discovery. Laping confirms he, "Just found femur and vertebra bones but still couldn't figure out if they belonged to an animal.

But when we see a skull of a human, that completes puzzle, yeah."

Scientists examine the bones to try to determine their age. "It's not ancient, that's all they know but they didn't find all the bones."

For now the campers are helping protect and cover up this site until they say archeologists can come back with the proper digging tools.

And the big question that may never be answered, who is buried in this sand dune?

"Who is it? The identity of the bones, yeah. Maybe the family can have some closure or whatever, " Laping says.

The campers say they will watch over the skeletal remains until officials remove them.

There was no clothing or identification found along with the bones so this mystery may never be solved.