Ferry Service returning to Oahu

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It's official now, a commuter ferry system is coming back to Oahu. Unlike previous ones, backers say this one will work.

The ferry will run from Kalaeloa, to Aloha Tower and it's all to give leeward commuters more options to come into town.

It's no secret, traffic on Oahu is bad.

"Right now, it's okay cause schools out and it's a little bit easier," said Ewa resident Tracy Lang. "But going home, it still sucks."

Help is on the way. The city is set to launch a new ferry commuter system running from Kalaeloa to Aloha Tower.

"The intent is to provide a reliable, and as well, another mode of operations that we can count on to provide a service that many people would want to take as an alternative," said Melvin Kaku, director of the city's Department of Transportation Services.

The city's getting two ferrys. Both 72-feet long, with a capacity of 149 passengers. They'll make three runs in the morning and three in the evening.

It's similar to the state's 1999 Wikiwiki ferry system with one big difference, city buses will run in conjunction with the ferrys to take passengers to their final destination.

"You always had the city operating the buses, the state operate the ferry, and they never worked together," said Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann. "We're doing it very differently this time around."

"Maybe this time around there's more cars on the road now, so people are getting fed up with the traffic," said Aiea resident Tiffany Colburn. "I think they'll do it."

"It's a good idea," said Lang. "I'll use it. It'll be better than getting into the traffic and sitting there for hours."

The ferry ride will cost two dollars -- the same as the bus fare.

And that includes two transfers, so passengers can get to their destination.

The ferry is scheduled to launch September 4th and will be part of the Beat the School jam.